Modelling 3: Adding a Skirt

Having created a full body for one of the characters, my next task was to add the finer details to it. For the character I am modelling she contains a skirt within her design, and so I must add this to the model.


Research – Modelling Fabric

Initially I had just thought about creating a cylindrical circle shape around the legs of the character to create the appearance of the skirt. However when thinking about this further and discussing it with Bobbie, I didn’t think this would be suitable as it would be very difficult to make a cylinder have the appearance of fabric. Therefore I feel the skirt would lower the quality of the model, covering the well crafted form of the character, and overall not representing the design.

To solve this I did some research online to discover what if there was anyway of modelling fabric and the processes I needed to go through for this.

From the research I discovered nCloths, it is a feature where an object can behave like a material. I decided to use nCloths to create the skirt, as it would forming a fabric appearance, as well as a fabric movement within animations. I felt this would better represent that the object is a skirt and so representing the design more accurately.


Below is a video that shows the process of how to create nCloth materials. I followed this process in order to create the skirt on my model.






Issues – Deformation Lattice

While forming the nCloth for the skirt o the model, I came into an issue, I couldn’t remove the deformation lattice without removing the edits I’d use to make with it. I wasn’t sure how to save the lattice changes and it wasn’t well explained within the video I was using. I was stuck and unsure how to continue, so I undertook some troubleshooting researching to work out



Issues with confirming the lattice deformation change – research into that,topicNumber=d30e350858


I finally managed to work out how to save the changes from the lattice tool – delete it’s history. I actually worked this out from going back through the initial video I as using several times and slowly watching certain clips until I saw what I needed to do. Though it wasn’t made very clear in the tutorial how to remove the lattice and save its data, the steps of how to do it were actually on the video. I think if I had taken time to thoroughly watch the video I feel I wouldn’t have had this issue and stress, as the answer was there. So I feel this has taught me to look back over previous research to solve an issue before attempting to solve this, as I may already have seen the answer I just need to remind myself.


Below is a video of me deleting the history of the lattice and removing it so I can carry on with the creation of the skirt.




Issue – Skirt Isn’t Visible In Unity

When I placed the character into Unity the skirt wasn’t visible. At first I was puzzled as to why this would be the cause. Looking at the skirt I thought the fact that it was black was an issue and that I would invert the surfaces in order to to get the visible surface on the outside. Unsure how to achieve this, I then researched heavily into the issue, searching multiple forums for people who have had similar difficulties.





Using the research I actually managed get the polygons to invert and the skirt to be grey on the outside. However when I added this into Unity it still didn’t appear. I’m getting frustrated and stressed about this, what am I doing wrong? I’m stuck and I’m confused, I think the best thing to do now is leave this issue and focus on animating the character, as I can research forever for a solution but if I’m not sure of the cause I’ll never get anywhere. Therefore to keep myself sane and progressing with the project I shall move onto animating and come back to this issue when I have more knowledge of Maya.