Animation 1: Rigging

Animation time!



Lynda Tutorial Exercise

Today I started to animate the model I had created. To start off the process I followed the guide on the Lynda Website, using the downloadable assets and going through the same steps as on the tutorial. I found this to be a useful way for me to familiarise myself with the process of the rigging a model to making it ready for animating. By using the assets in the tutorial I could easily compare my rig with that of the tutorials, I think this made it far easier to identify any steps that I had done incorrectly, as I could see the differences in rigging. Though rigging my own model straight away I think could have caused issues as the skeleton and rig wouldn’t have been the same as that of the tutorial model and so I could have done steps wrong without realising and blaming it on the different model shapes/ designs. Overall I the goin through the tutorial was very useful to teach me the basic skills which i can transfer onto my own model. I plan to repeat this process in the future when I am learning other modelling/ animating skills.


A video showing me going through the Lynda tutorial exercise.



Fully Rigged Character

Using the skills I had learnt from the Lynda exercise, I then formed a bound skeleton and rig for my model. The images below show the rigged model




Issue – Deforming Model

Having rigged the model it was ready for animating. However whenever I pressed play on the animation menu my model would widely deform – what have I done wrong?

A video showing the deformation of the model.






  • With my rigged model deforming when animated, it is definitely unusual in its current state. Not wanting to scrap all the hard work I had done on the model, I have planned to sit down tomorrow and think, research and reflect on what is causing the issue and how I may be able to solve it.