Style Guide Research: Patterns

Further research and exploration into patterns and shapes for the style guide.


Exploration of Geometric Patterns

With a lot of my previous research from last semester being around geometric patterns, I felt this should be a key part of the style guide as it will help to express the Moroccan aesthetic I am after in the game.

To start I gained a selection of geometric patterns, either online or from library books, and drew over them trying to find shapes that were key to showing a Moroccan aesthetic.

In the branding session with Derek, 4 became a key style factor due to their being 4 players in the game. I tried to focus on 4 sided shapes or 4 dominant corners in the shapes/ patterns, as I thought these shapes would help to not only express the Arabic feel but also the fact that there are 4 players in the game, within the branding.


Refer to Sketchbook 3 for my exploration of geometric shapes in Arabic/ Moroccan patterns.


  • 4
  • 4 corners
  • Shape relates to a square ?


Sacred Art Of Geometry



Do we want patterns with just 4 sides in them  – squares  or not?


Islamic Geometric Patterns Blog


  • Are we just doing geometric patterns or arabesque too?
  • I felt geometric would work best with what I have designed previously for the environment, and also I thought it linked better with the number 4 and use of squares, as the arabesque style is far less geometric and more calligraphic.


How to draw Islamic Geometric Patterns?

I completed some research into how to create geometric patterns, in order to gain more more examples of Moroccan shapes. Also to help me better understand how a geometric Arabic pattern is formed, so that it will help me understand what classifies a pattern to be Moroccan in aesthetics. Therefore I can better select shapes for the style guide that show this aesthetic.


Guardian Article

  • Central point
  • Straight lines
  • All originated from a square – All have a link back to 4 pointed shape.


Possible Brand Shapes

Searching online I discovered these motifs below. I found these to have a similar silhouette and shape to many of the Arabic geometric patterns that I had been looking at above. I am interested in how the designs have managed to capture the the feel of the complex patterns, but have made them appear clearer to the eye and more simplistic.

I think this is due to the motifs using part of the repeating pattern rather than the full image. This then reduces the complexity and detail of the pattern right down, as there are far less shapes and lines to be included in the image.

Also I think by keeping to 3 colours in logo this also helps to reduce the complexity. I feel this then allows for the shapes to be clearer and have more impact. Therefore helping the pattern to be more prominent and visually appealing.

Therefore I think this should be done for the Hurry Hurry Heal Me logo, keep the detail to a minimum and stick to a limited colour palette to add impact.



Straight edge



Trying out stuff