Meeting: Sprint 3

Today was our team’s weekly scrum meeting, where we planned out what we need to achieve that week.



We started off by reviewing what we had achieved last week and so what need to be finished from last week and other tasks for this week.

Reviewing the tasks from last week, neither Bobbie or myself have completed them. I think this was due to us being over ambitious and not fully understanding the process needed to complete the tasks and also we didn’t think about how much time the branding workshop would take out of the week, therefore we were left with far fewer time to complete the tasks than expected. For both of these reasons we didn’t finish the tasks.

Modelling – I had planned to start researching into 3D modelling, however when I started the process of bringing the 2D concepts to 3D, I found it difficult to visualise or fully understand the structure. To solve this I created a clay model of one of the characters. Being able to physically mould and look at all angles of the model, I felt more comfortable creating a clay model than researching 3D and trying to learn the software while work out the structure of the model. Therefore I had added in another task which I hadn’t anticipated, which took me most of the week and so this was the key reason why the research was not completed.


Sprint 3