Sprint 2: Adam’s Feedback



As a team we had a one to one with Adam today, below are the notes from that meeting.


  • Event – Think about upcoming events to show case the game – May, June or later – Uni may sponsor
  • Summarise each phase/ Overview – Public facing
  • Think about Steam Greenlight – What needs to be done for this
  • Style guide needs to be formed – Present 17th Feb – Fonts, font sizes, colours, textures, layout etc
  • Use social media – Get a price for the game – survey social media
  • Get social media to sign up for early access – direct download link?
  • Gamasutra – See if we could write about the project – Use the summary posts and edit them – Or give to Adam to put on medium/ uni blog
  • Moroccan music – Form a spotify list – Spread word on Twitter/ Music department
  • Farsi Music – Adam has a contact


What To Take Forward?

Above I have highlighted in bold the key points from the meeting that I feel Bobbie and I need to take foward the reasons for this are:

  • Event – Think about upcoming events to show case the game

As our goal is to create a PC prototype with the ambition of it to going onto console, particularly we are interested in the Nintendo Switch, I think Adam’s advice to find gaming events to showcase our game would be useful in expanding the reach of it. The events have representatives from various gaming companies and so it would be a great way to get our game out there to show and get it seen hopefully by Nintendo team and we could potentially get it published. Therefore I will discuss this is Bobbie on our meeting tomorrow but I think we should research into particular events and even if we don’t go we show that we have interest within it.


  • Summarise each phase/ Overview – Public facing

I think it would be a good idea to make a summary of each phase or key parts of the project so that it is easier for Adam or others looking at my blog to gain an overview of what we had done so that it is easy to understand where we were and how we developed to that current point, making the development of the project more clear. So I plan to try to do this for each phase making it clear what I have done and how the project has majorly progressed.


  •  Steam Greenlight

Though we want our game to be on console, I think it could be a good idea to look into putting the game on Steam and getting it greenlighted, simply as a way to get our work out there and get ourselves into the public domain. Currently neither Bobbie nor I know exactly what is needed to get it greenlighted on Steam and so we would need to research into this in order to know what to achieve. I will discuss this with Bobbie on Monday during our meeting and decided whether this is an action we want to take forward or not, and if so we can plan this out.


  • Style guide

From Adam’s talk I think we really need to work more on the branding as we are having to present a formal style guide on the 17th and though we have an outline of what we want for the branding we don’t have clearly defined font, font sizes, layout, motions etc. So I think we need to gain some inspiration and produce some examples for our style guide, to show exactly what the style is and how to use it.


  • Moroccan music – Form a spotify list – Spread word on Twitter/ Music department
  • Farsi Music – Adam has a contact

I found it useful talking to Adam about the music of the game as he managed to have a contact that we may be able to use to create the music, which would be a great help as neither Bobbie nor I have much experience composing our own music so it wouldn’t be that well created or suitable for the game. Adam said his contact would be able to chat on Wednesday, which would be useful though we don’t have any music that inspires us yet so that’s rather worrying. But I think if I try to get some examples of music to send to the contact by Wednesday then this would give a good idea of what we want to see if it can be done or not.