Reflection: Panicked Morning

This morning I had a bit of a panic about how to 3D model the characters (which was my task for this week) and my thought I had when reflecting on Derek’s branding session about giving the characters more personality as part of the branding and marketing of the game.

So I was feeling that the characters lacked expression and character, as they were all in rigid poses not showing any particular emotion or mood to them. Therefore as they lacked personality I was unsure if I should be modelling them or re-design them first to add more character. However I was unsure what their character should be and if one was necessary. Thinking back to the similar games I had looked into such as Overcooked and Lover’s In A Dangerous Spacetime, neither of them had a strong focus on characters or given them much personality or focus. Making me question the need to re-design as like theirs our game is more focused on the game play and interaction between players and not connection with the characters. But I felt through the players the idea of cooperation could be shown. So I was just in this state of confusion.

To help stop my freak out I spoke to Bobbie, she helped me to decide to simply get a model done and into the game, so we can test what it looks like, so if the shape or design of the character doesn’t work well in game then I know and can re-design it from this. Which will save me time as if I re-design the characters to have more personality before modelling the design may not even work well and I will have to re-design again, wasting time and putting the project behind. Also we felt that the personality of the characters could be shown more through the branding/ refined marketing videos or trailers which will come later on it the project and so not something to worry about at this time.



Reflecting back now I think the main reason had this panic was because in this project I am trying to be as ambition as possible and push the project, so by adding more personality to the characters was my way of doing this. However I realise that just by adding things to my list doesn’t actually mean I will have the time to do them and so this could create a worse product in the end with some base features not being finished. Therefore I realise that I need to focus on the plan Bobbie and I have made to create the base game and then if there is time at the end develop it later. So get the base game working then add extra finesses. I think this is something I really struggle with as I want to make something to a high standard straight away before moving on, but I do realise it is better to test out the assets in game and then form personalised qualities. But this is definitely something I have to work on and I feel as long as I keep talking about my problems and thoughts with Bobbie she will help me to see reason and keep me on track.

Also I think another reason I was stressing was because I was worrying too much about the project in terms of a grade and that if I just make a model of the character I’ve already designed without any experimentation then this isn’t good practice and I wouldn’t score highly. Therefore I felt by re-designing the characters this would help boost my grade, however it was useful talking over this with Bobbie because he helped me see that I can experiment with the project in different ways, eg the animations. Useful in helping me to