Game Music Research

After our discussion with Adam earlier and the prospective of a meeting with his friend, Craig that is involved in music production, I felt the pressure to get together a playlist of inspirational music to send to him to give him a better idea of what we are after. So I did a quick YouTube search to simply give Craig a base idea that we wanted eastern, Moroccan style music that would be upbeat and fast paced as a way of adding to the stressful atmosphere and experience players get.


Moroccan Music Research

Links to some traditional eastern music that I thought could suit the Moroccan art style and the stressful feel to the game.


  • Upbeat
  • Fast Paced
  • Imagine it being quite stressful after a while due to the fast paced nature of it
  • I don’t think the vocals are necessary but I like the music.



  • Strong beat
  • Fast paced
  • Clapping – adds to the stress – makes the beat clearer – Feels more fast paced



  • Like the clapping – Human aspect without the voice



  • Whistle –


  • Fav so far
  • Moving fast
  • Strong beat
  • Twang to the music that thats it feel traditionally middle eastern




  • May be good for a sound effect – Time running out or failed at something


  • More subtle – May be better for game music as it feel more like a backing track



  • Speeds up – build tension and stress in people





  • Looking further afield from Morocco and looking into Arabic music too.


– May sound too Egyptian for the game – Give the wrong theme


  • Too intense – Too sinister feel to it – Need it to be stressful but upbeat





  • First one – No drums feel more delicate – Match the artstyle and mood of the game – However still has the fast tempo that is needed for the game to create a stressful feel to it.
  • Try to look for more without drums or limited drums





  • Very fast paced – I feel like that game could build up to this during tense moments when the players are close to dying.




I’m no music expert and I’m not sure if these pieces of music would actually be suitable for a digital game or our audience, I just thought they sounded eastern and fast paced, suiting the Moroccan feel. With this uncertainty I think it is best to simply send these to Craig and get his feedback after the meeting, as I’m sure he will have a better idea of what may or may not be good in terms of music/ instruments and also give us other possible artists we could look into. So I will leave the music for now until we have the meeting.