Anatomy Research

To help me with 3D modelling characters I decided to research into the anatomy of the human body, as though my characters are more simplified they are based off of the human form, therefore I felt I could sure the body structure to guide me while modelling.

I collected some books relating to anatomy from the library and below I have scanned in some useful pages that I used to help me when modelling one of my characters in clay.












What Did I Take From This?

I plan to have all these books around me when I model the character to help gain the correct muscular and skeletal structure to the model. I will use the reference images for:

  • Propositions – With my design being more elongated the propositions won’t be exactly the same as a human however I plan to use them as a reference for a base guideline.
  • Muscular and Skeletal definitions – I plan to use these structures to help me add definition to my characters to make them look like they have a believable structure.
  • Weight – Linking to muscular definition I plan to use the images to help me understand the weight of the character when in different stances.