Adam’s Talk: Freelance

  • Set up on soletrader
  • Don’t need to VAT register unless earning a lot
  • Soletraders or partnership have to submit one tax return per year, for the previous year
  • – set up/ register as a soletrader – The company name is your name
  • With soletrader all liability lands with you not company
  • Once set up – Need to track expensies and incoming money – Online services for this called freeagent or freshbooks or Harvest
  • Recommend that you set up bank account for the company
  • Can’t claim food or drink as a business expense but everything else can be.
  • If you work for home can put in a percentage of rent or utility bills into a claim.



  • stuffandnonsense for writing contracts.
  • YOU WRITE THE CONTRACT NOT THEM. – They agree to your terms.
  • Terminate contract if money isn’t paid
  • if the scope changes you need to discuss the rate of change – email the person first



How much to charge?

  • £50 per hour for coding – Adam – Don’t charge too much
  • Regularly increase your price


Follow up everything with an email

  • Ask for  week (7 working days) for an invoice to be paid
  • PayPal Business – Takes 4%
  • Link in invoices to payment
  • The biggest people don’t pay on time!
  • Send reminder – from freeagent