Nintendo Switch Decision

Refer to Sketchbook 4 for all my research.


During our previous team meetings with Adam, he had suggested we change the platform we are developing for to the Nintendo Switch. At first I was unsure however I decided to conduct further research into the Switch and identify if this console would be suitable platform for our game and whether we should be developing for it.

Looking over all the research I gained, Bobbie and I have decided to develop for the Nintendo Switch. We made this decision because we found the Switch to be a console that is designed for local multiplayer gaming, ideal for our local co-op game.

It is portable with many different play modes, from Tabletop, Docked or On the Go. Allowing it to be taking anyway and played with friends. The console itself comes with 2 Joy-Con controllers that clip off the main console screen, showing that it is designed for 2 players as most consoles come with a single controller whereas this has 2 built in, that are easily accessible.

Nintendo’s branding differs hugely from its competitors, with PS4 and Xbox focusing on online play, with their marketing highlighting these services and games. However the Switch has not promoted these services, instead their marketing contains images of groups of people (representing friends and families) playing the games on the console. Showing a more social element to the Nintendo Switch than the other key consoles whose marketing contained barely any shots of people let alone groups playing. From this I felt the Switch was branding itself as a local multiplayer console, where the fun is more about the interaction between players than necessarily the game. Which I believe fits with the concept of Hurry Hurry Heal Me, as it is a 4 player local co-op game, where the excitement comes from the interaction of players that manically shouting at each other to heal them, just like the Switch’s marketing.



Also most of the games that ship with the release of the Nintendo Switch are local multiplayer, such as SnipperClips and 1,2, Switch. With more local multiplayer to be released later, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms, and Overcooked.

Therefore I felt that all of this showed that Hurry Hurry Heal Me, being a local co-op game, would fit into the identity that the Nintendo Switch is trying to push. The console is easily transportable and can be taken to friends making it easy for 4 player game-play to occur. The game will fit with others on the platform and so there could even be a possibility of it getting published.

So we chose the console as it suits the genre of Hurry Hurry Heal Me and also is a new and innovative pieces of technology that is exciting and challenging to develop for.