Reflection: Project Timeline and Goals

Forming the timeline for the game was a struggle but Bobbie and I got there in the end. Reflecting back now I think it was so hard because we were really unsure how long it would take us to do certain tasks, as coding nor modelling is something we have great experiences in especially for long projects. Causing us to become confused as to what could be achieved within each week, which just made us more confused and stressed. We tried to solve this by working backwards highlighting when we want the game finished and then working out the benches we need to meet in order to achieve this. Forcing us to put a deadline on certain mechanics and assets which I found to be very useful in helping us remove the uncertainty of and limitless possibilities, by looking at tasks in the timeline not as in how long will it take us, but more like how long have I got for it. Which limited down the possibilities for us, useful in helping us organise the project so that everything is achieved in time for the final game to be ready for hand in.

Also we highlighted dates throughout the project where we will review the progress of the game and make amendments to the project, these are roughly every 3-4 weeks. We felt the reviews would be useful for us as we could discuss our progress and then change the project timeline as we felt appropriate, as some tasks may be finished sooner than others and so deadlines for other tasks can be changed. All helping to keep the project working smoothly and being well organised.

Looking back now I think both solutions were great at helping solve our confusion by forcing us to set deadlines but also allowing us to be able to review these deadlines at a later date to alter them and form a more realisitic plan once we have started development. All ensuring we complete the game in time and this technique will be useful to remember for future projects plans.


From planning out the timeline of the project, though initially I felt slightly overwhelmed I’m currently really happy with how the project has been planned. As everything so far as been very well organised with the use of weekly sprints, kanban and a timeline, which makes it clearer to me what we are trying to achieve and how we will achieve it, giving me more focus and direction in the project, so hopefully less stress and more quality work. I hope we will continue to be as organised throughout the rest of the project as so far it has helped me know what as a team we are doing and how this help us meet our overall goal, so I feel on top of everything. WOO!