Reflection: Branding Workshop

Looking back over the workshop I had with Derek today, I enjoyed myself and definitely learnt more about what branding is, that it isn’t just a logo, but a set of rules that define the movement, behaviour, typeface, colour – simply all the elements that used to promote and form an identify for the brand.

I found the Moving Brands design for the iPlayer Kids app to be of greatest interest, because of the mischievous personality that was created out of the movement and behaviour of the text. Which made me realise how many possibilities their are to convey the feel of a brand, it isn’t just the product that does it but all the supporting work. Making me realise how important it is to use the marketing and social media to not just help people understand what the game is but also what the playing experience will be like. From this I feel Bobbie and I should be creating gifs similar to the Moving Brands’ one to help bring the game to life and help create a more personal connection for people.


Moving Brands gif


I think specifically more personality needs to be added to the characters to get across the idea that they are a team, illustrating that the players will need to work together to help each other, as currently the designs of the characters are very unemotional with no bond between them. But I feel through the branding and marketing as a team we need to show the characters helping and having a strong bond with one another, whether this is done through short gifs or imagery, either way I feel this will better illustrate the concept that this is a cooperative game. Which I believe will be beneficial in the future because I feel it will market Hurry Hurry Heal Me honestly, so the community built around the game will gain a product that



Though I may not want to admit it, from the workshop it was useful in changing by perspective on the typeface I initially choose for the game, by making me see that it needs to be changed. Before the session I felt the typography suited the art style of the game with it having an Arabic character, through the scripted quality and accents, but also bold and silly to represent the family friendly aspect of the game. Though now I realise that this wouldn’t suit the brand of the game, where interlocking geometric shapes play a key role which isn’t key to the initial font. So having a graphics tutor go over my work and tell me what does and doesn’t suit the brand, I’m getting expert advice to help the marketability of the game and it having a session with Derek again once Bobbie and I have started creating work for following the brand toolkit, it would be beneficial to get Derek back and discuss what could be improved with the branding to help us finesse our work.

Also to solve the issue of the poor typeface Bobbie and I will need to find a new font or create one using the rules and limitations of the tool kit to ensure the brand is coherent throughout. More time will need to be spent on the brand to get it formalised as soon as possible to ensure all are marketing effects are linked and show a coherency



Example of my initial typeface.