Meeting: Sprint 2

With sprint 1 over, today Bobbie and I had a Sprint meeting to review what we managed to achieve within Sprint 1 and what we didn’t, and then plan for the next sprint.




Everything we didn’t achieve we placed into the backlog, which we will need to finish within the next sprint.

Reasons for not completing the work

  • Timeline – We hadn’t finished completing a timeline for the game because we thought we were going to have a one to one with Adam on Friday about the development of our project and he would advice us on how the we could plan the development of the project. Though he didn’t do this he did give us a run down of the structure of the semester which was useful we then had a whole session with Derek and so we didn’t have enough time on Friday to create a timeline. But this will be are first task today.
  • Colour Game Research – I didn’t research into all colour games because I ended up taking on another task of researching and defining the platform we will be publishing the game on, which wasn’t on the initial Sprint 1 plan. I picked up this task as Adam felt it was important to define the platform quickly so we knew what we would be programming for and didn’t get half way through the project and then have to complete re-code the whole game. Therefore this research took up the time that I would have looked into colour games. To stop this happening in the future I need to ensure I don’t take up tasks that aren’t on the sprint plan or only take them up if I have completed all my other tasks, as then I’m just putting tasks off which need to be done. Over a long time this will create a large backlog that we will never finish, so for the future I must force myself to not do tasks that aren’t allocated to me.
  • Research and Define Platform – I have finished my research into platforms for the game, I simply need to write up our final decision for the game so this won’t take long to finish.
  • Landing Page – Bobbie didn’t explicitly say why she hadn’t finished the landing page, however I think it was due to the technical aspects of trying to get the website running on all devices which she hadn’t anticipated taking as long as it had. Perhaps more research into the tasks before we start them would help us better plan how long they will take or possible problems we may occur so that we can allocate enough time to complete them, to avoid this problem again.
  • Team Name – This was not an important task and having not completed all the others due to lack of time, we decided this wasn’t an important one to have completed.



Sprint 2 Plan

Using our timeline Bobbie and I created a list of tasks for Sprint 2, with the backlog being of main priority to be completed as soon as possible so it doesn’t get pushed back further, or not done at all.