Adam’s Semester Briefing

Today we had a brief talk from Adam before Derek’s branding session, where he explained the plan for the semester, showing his diagram of phase breakdown (below).

Adam’s session

Notes from Adam’s explanation of the project.

  • Think about how strengths and weaknesses
  • From a burn down chart – have a meeting with Adam about production timeline
  • Art style,  brand, mechanics, systems – All finished for the 17th Feb
  • set up by 17th Feb
  • Think about promotion!!
  • Week before hand in the game is presented internally






  • I found the diagram useful in giving me a clearer understanding of the structure of the semester and what is expected of both Bobbie and I, knowing roughly when we need to present and when the iteration and polishing phases are. Which will help us to plan out a schedule for our project, to link our deadlines with that of Adam’s plan so what we are presenting will tie into what Adam is expecting. However I don’t feel phase 1 will be as relevant to our project, as this phase relates more to setting up the project, setting social media, the art style and mechanics sorted, though in my GDD I already formed an art style and have clearly outlined the mechanics, therefore this doesn’t need to be redone. Also in this last week Bobbie and I have already set up all our social media and I have researched into them, forming a clear weekly schedule for each of the different platforms. So all of this means that we have already ticked the boxes for phase 1, with branding being one of the exceptions but if we get a good start with this in Derek’s sessions then I don’t feel that we will need to spend much more time on this. Therefore we can begin phase 2 sooner than expected, which will be useful as it will give us more time to code and test the mechanics to ensure we make an exciting and truly stressful experience.



  • Have a meeting with Bobbie to discuss our goals and timeline of the project, to ensure we both know what is achievable and the benchmarks we need to meet in order to make this happen – Become super organised!