Social Media Summary

Summarising all the information I have learn’t from my previous posts, to help both myself and Bobbie know what to post and when to post on our respective social media platforms.



Summary of the information I learnt about Twitter, creating a print off sheet on the rules of posting, when and what to post, with examples.









Summary of the information I learnt about Instagram, creating a print off sheet on the rules of posting, when and what to post, with examples.









With Pinterest and YouTube being of lesser focus than Twitter and Instagram, I didn’t research as much into these platforms simply because it wasn’t necessary however I still thought I would note down what we would post and the best times to do so.


  • Pin inspirational imagery which will use during the project
  • Pin imagery that links to our brand and mood/ feel of the game
  • Post between 8pm-2am




  • Upload demos, trailers, bugs, development timelapses – All things video related to YouTube
  • Post a link to all YouTube videos onto Twitter to make it easier for people to know what a video ha been posted



Decision on Social Media Platforms

We decided to focus on Twitter and Instagram as our major social media platforms, though also have minor platforms of Pinterest and YouTube. Twitter was chosen because all the research highlighted Twitter as being an important platform for marketing indie games, as there is a large community around the development and multiple hastags/ events that are popular for games design. Therefore we felt that by using Twitter, following other developers and posting with the specific hashtags would be an effective way of reaching the largest possible community to grow our following.

Instagram was chosen as we found it to be a more informal platform than the others, allowing us to show are personality and give an honest view of the development of the project. Which we feel would be a different way of appealing to our audience, as Twitter is more formal with photos and videos being more selective and for marketing purposes but Instagram shows the game from a different angle, and we believe that people will connect to our personality that we show on Instagram. All in all helping us to gain a larger following and stronger backing.

YouTube was an obvious choice for us to use because our project is a game and the best way to show what it is is to show demos of mechanics and trailers, which YouTube is great for and so we will create an account for this.

Unlike the others Pinterest was not an obvious choice to use because it is more of a place to gain inspiration and collect imagery than for promotion. However we decided to use Pinterest as we knew our project would produce a lot of imagery from it with the designing of more characters, enemies and environment backgrounds, which we could upload and try to gain pins from. Also we could use it as a way to better show the brand of the game through what inspires us by the pins we post. All helping to build a clearer idea what the game’s experience will be like for users, making more honest branding for people to connect to and not be disappointed by the final game outline.

Though Facebook came up a lot in the research as a key platform to market on, we decided against using for two reasons firstly we were unsure what different Facebook would give to us compared to Twitter as we felt both platforms were similar and the same information would be on them, therefore why would we use Facebook if we’re just repeating ourselves? Also with just two of us on the project this makes it difficult for us to have the time to work every social media platform and so we need to restrict it at some point, so we have time to actually build the game. Therefore we felt 2 platforms per person was more than enough to focus, with this already allocated and Facebook not publishing anything new compared to Twitter, we decided not to use it.


  • Print off and stick onto the team’s planning wall, as well as explain what I have learnt to Bobbie so we are both clear on when and what needs to posting.