Reflection: Social Media Research


Having fully finished my research into social media marketing, I found it to be surprisingly useful because it made me realise how important it is to post at the right time, use the correct hashtag and post inline with daily/ weekly events/ hashtags. Before the research I thought it would be common sense of how to use social media platforms, but actually there is a real knack to marketing online with every small specific details altering the success of the posts. In the research I was specifically sceptical that Monday would be a popular day for posting to Instagram, but actually all the images posted on that day did well in terms of likes compared to similar style images on other days, which is clear evidence that the research has paid of and that time and days of posts has an effect on the exposure of posts.

Therefore the research was useful in helping me to understand how I can gain a larger following and organise when and what to post each day.

So overall now I realise that even though something may seem very self explanatory there maybe finer details that will actually help boost the design or success of the game and so research is always useful and should be done, and I will remember this in the future.