Feedback: Console Platform

Adam’s Feedback

  • Unsure of PC platform – PS4 seems better for a 4 player market – More of a party feel ad atmosphere – People are more likely to have 4 controllers on that than anything else?




Research into how to develop for different consoles, looking into how to gain development kits and identifying if this would be possible for myself and Bobbie to do.





  • Only for America? – can we not create games in the UK?


Reddit Forum



  • Best to create on PC first and then wow Sony to get a dev kit – It is difficult without being a business to apply for a dev kit


Polygon Article





  • Dev kits = Expensive – Not affordable for students




Gamasutra Article



  • Need a company and a track record – Which neither myself or Bobbie have – Looks like it won’t be possible




  • Developing for XBOX ONE –     ID@XBOX


XBOX application form


  •   Looks like a studio/ business is a requirement just to apply for a dev kit not just with Playstation but also XBOX.




  • By the sounds of it the ID@XBOX is just a program and then it will take a while to get a dev kit – Meaning that the project could be over before we even get one
  • PC build is advisable to have to we can show the game and get a devkit – So I feel that making the game for PC would be the best option for this project, with a greater ambition of moving it onto a console later.











Could The Uni Set It Up For Us?

Playstation First

  • Looks to be a way for universities to sign up or be part of the PlayStation First programme, allowing the institutes to be gain training or dev kits or some sort of extra help from Playstation to get students learning how to develop for them.



Overall Conclusion

  • It would be difficult for myself and Bobbie to gain a dev kit from any of the platforms, particularly PS4 simply because we need to be part of a studio or a business and so we would then have to set one up, which in itself would take a reasonable amount of time and money. Even having set a business up and registered, there is no guarantee of gaining a dev kit. XBOX requires studios to be part of a programme and go into a waiting list which could take months for us to be considered. Playstation dev kits need be bought at a cost of $2,500 which is way out of the price range of students. Though there are chances of Playstation lending kits, this again isn’t guaranteed.
  • With all the platforms it is advisable to have a PC version of the games in order to get selected for a dev kit, and so it seems we would need to produce a PC game anyways in order to showcase our ideas and skills before gaining a dev kit. Making it feel
  • Also the research made it clear that having a track record of games published was near enough a must, to showcase what we can do to gain a dev kit or a loan for one. Bobbie and I don’t have anything published and so we wouldn’t be able to show them any sort of track record apart from our university prototypes which I don’t believe would be suitable.
  • However discovering Playstation First, opened up the possibility of to the University being able to sign up to this programme for us to get development kits. Though how long this takes and how much this costs I don’t know and may not be feasible at the point, but that would have to be something to discuss with Adam.
  • So overall it is looking like forming a PC build is the best option currently as we aren’t a business, so can’t register for the kits and to gain a kitit is likely we would need a PC prototype anyways to showcase the concept. Therefore I think it would be best to use a PC platform with the outlook of trying to gain dev kits and publishing on either PS4 or XBOX platforms. Though this is something as a team we will discuss with Adam on Friday to finalise.



  • Discuss the findings with Adam on Friday during our team meeting and finalise the platform we are creating for.