Sprint 1 Planning

Carrying on with the Scrum methodology, Bobbie and I formed our first sprint which we decided to just do it for the first week, because we will have our formal briefing of the project on Friday and so this may change the process or timeline of the project. Therefore we didn’t want to plan too far in advance, incase it all needed to be changed, so a week for the first sprint it is.


Start: Tuesday 31st January 2017

Due: Monday 6th February 2017

Meeting: Morning of Monday 6th, where we will discuss what we did and didn’t achieve or what we found out, so we can plan for the next sprint.


Sprint 1

With it only being the start of the project and the brief not even being set yet, we felt it would be best to do the more admin setting up tasks to get the base of the project running to build the creative work off of.



Why Use Scrum?

We decided to use Scrums to organise our time as a team, because we have both had experience with it previously, and so we both felt comfortable with how it worked and how to use it. Therefore we didn’t want to have to learn a new methodology that could become confusing and tedious when using Scrum in the past has worked successfully and why change what works. Also we liked how this method allows all members to have a say over the project and there are no definite leaders. Which I believe is important, especially with only two team members, as we don’t want it to feel one person has more control than the other, which creates for an unbalanced team and one where members may begin to lose interest in the project. Losing interest could create a poor workflow and a product which doesn’t reach its potential.

Why use KanBan?

We wanted to create and use a kanban wall, because like with scrum methodology, we had both experienced of it and so we could easily use it without having to learn during the project. Helping to reduce confusion between us.

Also we liked the visual nature of a kanban wall as it allows both of us to see how, individually but also as a team we are progressing. Therefore we can clearly see what tasks are being completed when and pick up tasks if necessary. So like scrum, I feel it helps us to both have equal control over the project, so there is no single leader but we work together as unity.


  • Define roles
  • Form project timeline