James’ Workshop: Week 1

Week one of James’ workshop and this week it we had a meeting. Myself Bobbie and James’ sat down and we explained more about the mechanics of the game, helping James understand what exactly we are trying to achieve.



  • Visual style an mechanics – Focus of the game
  • Experiment with mechanics – Hamsas move, colours gradually fade over time an move or change colour etc
  • Breakdown each mechanic and test individually before putting them together.
  • How will the game be packaged – Linear levels – pro gens or designed.


What to take forward?

I found it useful to hear James’ feedback of the project and how we should go about it. Personally I feel we should take forward all of the ideas he gave us such as testing each mechanics individually and ensuring this is the main focus to begin with so that the base coding is down and tested as soon as possible. I think this would be a good way to work because with the mechanics being such a key element to the enjoyability of the game, I believe they require the most time and effort to ensure they work well and are fun and the artwork is added refinement on top. So it is best to finish the mechanics and test a prototype before worrying about the less important graphics.